About Henley Business School

"A time comes in eight or ten or fifteen years when, having learned and practiced his calling, a man does well to cease for a little from action and to think about what he is doing and why and how he is doing it."

These were the core principles from one of Henley´s founding fathers, Sir Hector Hetherington, about the establishment of Henley as a business school for experienced leaders. This practical and reflective approach to learning has ever since the establishment been deeply rooted in all of  Henley´s executive programmes.


Henley Business School is one of the few schools globally to hold accredited status from the world´s three leading accreditation bodies; European EQUIS, American AACSB and British AMBA.The MBA is not a protected educational title, and there are many business schools offering an MBA degree. The best schools are approved by at least one of the three internationally recognized institutes for quality assurance (accreditation) of management education. Henley is among the top 1% business schools worldwide to hold accredited status from all three institutions. Accreditation is your guarantee for quality and academic rigor at the programmes.


Henley’s various programs are continuously ranked in the international ranking lists . In the latest ranking of full-time MBA programs by The Economist Henley Business School ranked among the top 30 in the world , no. 9 in Europe and no. 2 in England. In addition, the program is distinguished by being`No. 1 in the world for the potential to network´ and `Top 10 in the world for personal development and educational experience´. 

International faculty

Henley´s emphasis on practical, experimental coursework, demands practicality from the teaching faculty along with academic excellence. Henley’s academic faculty counts more than 120 full-time and associate members. Whether from an academic or practitioner background are faculty members are well-rounded individuals. They represent global expertise in commercial, public and voluntary sectors. They are international both by origin and by experience. All have extensive commercial expertise and many continue with private business consultancy to keep them at the cutting-edge.


Henley’s core values

Being a business school with more than 65 years of experience within the development of executives, carries a strong heritage reflected in everything we do.

Since the founding in 1945, we have always strived for one thing – to make managers better to perform their jobs and create even better results. Fundamental to everything we are dealing with is that it contributes to the awareness of the managerial responsibility you have for yourself, your organization and the wider societal context. 

The history of Henley Business School

Established in 1945, Henley Business School was the first management school in the UK, and one of the first in Europe focused on the development of leaders. For more than 65 years of best practice, Henley has been developing responsible leaders. The status of being an international respected school is founded in a strong heritage and proud traditions.

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