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Financial Times ranks Henley in world top 20 of Executive Education

Today’s Financial Times Global Executive Education survey places Henley Business School no.4 in the UK, no.14 in Europe and no.20 in the world for the combined ranking of open and custom programmes of participating business schools. 

Launched 20 years ago, the FT survey is recognised as the most reliable indicator of the quality of executive education provision because it is largely determined by client and participant ratings. Henley is delighted to move from position 23 in 2018 into the global top 20 this year.

Open programmes

Our open programmes focus on the development of individual leaders and professionals. They are highly collaborative, practical and underpinned by academic expertise. They cover four core areas: strategic management, leadership, coaching and people & organisational change.

Our ranking this year is no.4 in the UK, no.14 in Europe and no.27 in the world. 

Henley’s open programmes topped the table for growth in revenue and repeat business among UK-based business schools despite a turbulent market in the UK due to the focus on degree apprenticeships and Brexit.

Participants rated Henley no.22 in the world for course design and no.16 for new skills and learning.

We are also pleased to report that in 2019, 46% of our course participants are women, an increase of 7% from 2018.

Custom programmes

Custom programmes are tailored learning solutions for organisations to support their strategic development and are co-designed with our clients. Henley works with public and private sector organisations around the world.

Henley’s custom programmes rank no.5 in the UK, no.17 in Europe and no.30 in the world. 

The Financial Times has placed our custom programmes no.9 in the world for international clients, reflecting Henley’s international reach.

We are pleased to hold a world top 20 position for the diversity of our faculty. Of the full-time faculty who taught custom programmes, 68% were women and 50% were international. 

Clients ranked Henley within the world top 30 for programme design, new skills and learning, and value for money.

Steve Ludlow, Head of Executive Education, comments:

“The FT ranking for Executive Education focuses on the growing number of business school providers around the world, but the increasingly competitive global market for leadership development includes many different types of providers. Consultancies, training companies, professional bodies and corporate academies are all competing with university-based business schools. 

To cope with this competition and meet client demands, Henley is investing in innovation. Recent developments at Henley include new programme designs that use both synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning components. These developments aim to provide learning individually and for cohorts of learners within their workplaces – increasing flexibility of delivery, cost effectiveness, and reducing travel impact. ‘Face-to-face’ learning is still important but this valuable time is now focused on creative and experiential activities that are hard to replicate virtually. 

We are pleased that our participants and clients have rated us highly again this year, but we recognise that this investment in innovation is essential if Henley is to continue to be successful.”

The open and custom programme ranking details can be found on the Financial Times website here.

By: Heidi Lorenzen

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