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It Just Got Real – Attending The Starter Workshop In UK
It just got real – Attending the Starter Workshop in UK

As I described in my previous blog about my reflections about which university to enrol at, the first part of the MBA and the first workshop was held at the university in Henley, UK.

Before – scared and excited

Before attending the fist workshop – the starter workshop, I was getting more and more scared of all the things that I did not know anything about.

I was thinking and worrying that I might be too young to participate and maybe the other students would see me as a youngster without 20 years of business experience – and how would they react to that?

Would that affect my possibilities at the MBA in general?

Luckily this proved to be a whole other story and the first starter workshop was a great experience with a lot of interesting, funny and nice people.

Meeting the people that I have to spent 2,5 years with

When I arrived at the airport in Copenhagen I quickly spotted the other participants at the place where we were supposed to meet up.

It seemed like a lot of busy people checking their mails or whatever they were doing with their smart phones. Everyone seemed a little excited and maybe a little tensed about the whole situation.

Even though all of the participants are out-going people, they all seemed a bit nervous about meeting the others

When we arrived at the airport in UK and got onto the bus we had a chance to talk to the others and the situation suddenly got more relaxed.

After arriving at the university in Henley we were offered a nice meal at the restaurant and got the keys to our rooms. Nice rooms with a table for studying, a good bed and a television.

Personal Development and new ways working

The introduction to the Personal Development subjects by Chris Dalton really caught my attention – he started by giving us a small assignment that we had to solve in small groups.

After 10 minutes time he asked us what we thought was the correct answer. We replied and awaited his response, but there was no response from him. He just laughed and told us that this is what we should be willing to accept – that we must start getting used to solving assignments that we will not get a feedback on and that no one knows is right or wrong.

Of course he was referring to the decisions that we are to make in the companies in our daily jobs.

 This was really interesting and made me think a lot about my own career

I have been used to working with tasks and projects and being able to get feedback on these or just knowing if the results were right or wrong.

Early morning jog and introduction

The next morning started outside the university with a nice morning jog and almost all of the participants took part of the run in a very beautiful landscape around the university. I really enjoyed it and it was a great way of starting a long “learning day”.

After the English breakfast we started the workshop with an introduction to the programme, some of the professors and the courses.

At this point I remember that I then realized that this was serious!

Not only a nice location with tradition, but serious studying and serious professors that seemed proud and still happy about teaching and educating other people.

I started to realize that going forward I might need to get used to this scenario and also that I was not ready for making those decisions at that point and that I hoped I might get “ready for this” with the MBA.

Besides the introduction to the subjects and the professors we had a lot of fun small leadership challenges that we had to solve and through these exercises we gotten to learn to know each other in a very good way.

Good times in the evening

At the end of each day we had nice dinners at the restaurant at the university and the last night we walked down to the centre of Henley and had a great dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant.

 We had a great time, laughed and joked and I really felt that these follow students were both interesting and nice to be around

At the returning flight we talked a little about group work and our general expectations and it seemed that all of my follow students felt relaxed, enjoyed the company of each other and also were eager to get started working on the subjects.

Pursuing a better work-life-study balance

Back home in Denmark I now needed to start the studying, the reflection and the assignment writing – besides my full time job and all the other things that I want to spent time on in my life.

This forced me to review and find the best work-life-study balance in order to manage these three big areas

In my next blog I will describe how to work with theory and practice when writing academis assignments.
Stay tuned.

By: Henley Business School Danmark

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