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An Exclusive Insight To The Life Of An MBA Student, Family Man And Business Owner

An exclusive insight to the life of an MBA student, family man and business owner

Just a week ago I did my first blog post ever. It was a post inspired by my first assignment from my studies on the Henley MBA programme, an assignment in Personal Development a personal story on how I have set my future goals:

Future Goals, Personal Development


Albert Rønning-Andersson (from Henley) was quick and reached out to me. He invited me to blog for Henley, and as I am curious by nature and enjoys working with the principles of Personal Knowledge Mastery; “Seek, Sense, Share”, “Working Out Loud” and are eager to “learn, unlearn & relearn”.

I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to share my experiences of what I’ve learned and to continue learning, after all one of the best ways to learn is to communicate it to others.

I will use my blog to give you an exclusive insight into the life as an MBA student, what we are learning, study group experiences, homework, assignments, and the pressures we face. I have just started my study (September 2016) so you will be able to follow the process from the very beginning.

At the same time, I have recently taken over the running of Lysgaard Recruitment, so I will also share my experiences on how to be a student whilst developing a company, as well as being a family man with all the synergies and challenges that are experienced in this melting-pot of different roles that I balance daily.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, share or comment on my personal stories.

Stay tuned as my first blog post is comming shortly. Here I will share some of my experiences on working with leadership from our first workshops.

For further on Personal Knowledge Mastery I can recommend that you:

Follow Kenneth Mikkelsen’s blog:

Watch John Stepper Ted Talk on Working Out Loud:

Participate in the Henley course:

Until next time feel free to get in touch with me on:




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